Anime Characters

{October 21, 2007}  

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Negima includes a wide array of characters, including the 31 students from Class 2/3A. Like many classes, Negi’s students consist of a wide array of smart students, academically challenged, athletes, and cheerleaders. All the students are associated with various school clubs. Furthermore, the class also includes several martial artists, a vampire, a robot, a ghost, at least one demon, a web idol, and even a time traveler. Many of these girls are eventually drawn into Negi’s world of magic or have long been involved with the magic world. Through interaction, Negi learns about his students in depth.

In addition to the class, a greater array of characters come Negi’s problems beyond the classroom. These characters come from magic schools, demons, and other sorts of chaos. He and his students eventually find themselves drawn multiple conflicts and incidents in succession or simultaneously. Ultimately, Negi’s magic and training connects him to his father Nagi and his courageous warriors, whom he hopes to follow in the footsteps of someday.


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