Anime Characters

{October 21, 2007}  

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The series stars Mirmo (Mirumo or ミルモ in the original Japanese), a fairy, and Katie Minami (Kaede Minami in the original Japanese).

Characters in the series include Katie, a human, with her fairy guardian/friend, Mirmo, a Muglox (or “love” fairy). Instead of granting Katie’s wishes as the Muglox has been assigned, Mirmo continues to eat several chocolate food items and is constantly running away from Rima (Rirumu), a female Muglox owned by Dylan Yuki (Setsu Yuuki), a boy with whom Katie is in love with. Mirmo’s archrival Muglox, Yatch (Yashichi), owned by Azumi Hidaka, is a girl who is jealous of Katie and is also in love with Dylan. Mirmo also has a brother, Murumo (Murumo), who belongs to Kyle Matsutake (Kaoru Matsutake), a boy who eventually falls in love with Katie. The muglox use musical instruments as their magical tools.


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